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Very good!

Broken, useless

When I open AIM, the control buttons at the bottom disappear. I cant switch between viewing friends and viewing chats. Its useless. Update 3/27/17: uninstalled and reinstalled it. Same problem. Im guessing AOL has zero tech support anymore. Update 8/15/17: Now AOL thinks were going to PAY for their desktop??!? HAAAHHHAHAHAAHH


This app is awesome! It has helped me to remain in contact with friends.

Love it

Awesome. Nice way to keep in contact with friends!

Just added Aim, seems to be working great!

So far I love it and I hope I can drag my friends over here. Will update my review after a few days, but thus far I am loving it a lot. Thank you!!

Much better on iPhone

I just switched over from Android, and AIM works much better on iPhone. Sometimes the keyboard disappears, and Ill have to back out of the conversation and then get back into it. Sometimes the pictures are sent as black boxes, but all in all, its a great app considering its free. :)

Great app!

This app is AWESOME!!!

wont let me log in.

ive been using this app for quite a few years now and recently downloaded it to my new iphone. its been working fine, until today. it wont let me log in. to any of my accounts. ive uninstalled and reinstalled it a few times, but it does nothing. this isnt the first time this has happened, too. but at least those times it worked a few minutes later, now its just not doing anything.

No problems

I have been using this an app for several months now. I started using it when Yahoo Messenger kept messing up and causing more problems than I cared to deal with. AIM has been easy to use and I have NOT had one problem while using it.

Please update

Please update for iOS 11. This used to be one of my essential favorite apps. Until it gets remade into 64 bit, and updated for iOS 11 requirements, its about as useless as 90% of the other "essential" apps, that will no longer function. This used to be a staple, essential, must have, 5 star app. Sadly, it seems like the Devi has abandoned it. Please update this app, and bring back its 5 star greatness it once had.

Great App

Easy to use and communicate btwn phones and computers. Makes the boss think youre working while youre really flirting with lovers.

Still not the greatest

After AOL got rid of allowing IM+ users to access their screen names via that app, it screwed a lot of people who used it to be able to access MULTIPLE SCREEN NAMES at once. AIM has this feature on computers, can they please add it here?

Serves its purpose

Good for keeping in touch, simpler to use, no problems

Good aim but can be great

I like aim Ive always had aim. I just wish it would get with the times a bit. I would like to be able to send videos and gifs. I would like a better connection to google to. I know it sounds like a bad review but I do like aim. I like the security and privacy I get from aim it just needs a little face lift ??.

Great app!

Very useful for the office.

Wasted space

Let me begin by saying I use AIM on my Ipad, using a keyboard. That being said, I liked the older version of AIM much more. With this new one there is a lot of wasted space under the section where you write your message. Also you now have to touch "Send" rather than just hit the enter key on your keyboard.

Very secure

Great app, love the security features, AIM forever

Screw Yahoo

This will always be my favorite app :)

Whats the point anymore

Its clear they want this app to fail, dont know why though. Its great minus a lot of small, annoying things. If you can give us back old preferences and maybe even allow us to log into more than one sn at once, thatll be great. Just disappointing what it turned out to be.


With this app I get almost all of the functionality of the aol desktop. Would love to see the ability to enter chat rooms.

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